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Virtual/Telehealth Physiotherapy

We offer appointments with top physiotherapists in the comfort of your home.  Using telehealth technology, you can video-conference with one of our clinicians so that you can continue getting better when unable to come into our clinic.

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Why choose
Active Care Physiotherapy?

Choose ACP for three great reasons:

  • We’re local
  • We’re experienced
  • We’re effective

We offer professional, friendly physiotherapy services in London and Ingersoll for everyone, from kids and moms-to-be to workers and elite athletes. We’ll help you with expert treatment to get you healed faster and return to life and fitness.

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Who is Active Care Physio?

ACP are a team of physiotherapists and massage therapists dedicated to providing you with effective, accessible treatments in our two local physio clinics. You can come directly without a referral, there’s no waiting list, and we can usually assess you within 24-48 hours.

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Our Physiotherapy Clinic Locations

If you’re looking for a local physiotherapist to help with neck pain, back pain, a sports injury or other sprains and strains, we’re here to help.

Our two physiotherapy and massage therapy clinics are in

  • Byron Village in London
  • The Alexandra Hospital in Ingersoll

Both are easily accessible from Highways 401 and 402.


FREE 10 Min Telephone Consultation

Unsure if physiotherapy will help you? Discuss your concerns with our Physiotherapist, Laura Cole in a free, no obligation phone consultation.


Active Care Physiotherapy

Professional friendly physiotherapy and massage therapy in Byron Village London and in Ingersoll.

At Active Care Physiotherapy, our goal is to get you to your best physical fitness and well-being. Our team will devise a personalized treatment plan and work with you to help you heal and maintain your physical fitness.

Call us about:

  • Relief from arthritis pain
  • Increasing your mobility
  • Treatment for a sports injury
  • Rehabilitation after injury or surgery
  • Massage therapy for back pain, shoulder pain, or other conditions
  • Custom made orthotics for foot pain (plantar fasciitis), low back pain and gait correction
  • Custom knee braces for arthritis, ligament instabilities and sport
  • Off the shelf braces for knees, ankles, wrists etc. for work and sport

The Active Care Physio team is here to help. Call us or book an appointment online now. We can usually see you within 24-48 hours at one of our two clinics.