Health and Wellbeing Products from Active Care Physiotherapy

Your treatment at Active Care Physiotherapy is a partnership between you and your therapist to restore mobility and muscle use, but sometimes you’ll need a little help to get back in balance.

We offer two outstanding product services that can quite literally put you back on your feet again with new confidence.

Custom Orthotics

If you suffer from foot pain, heel pain, leg aches or even back pain, the problem could be as simple as the way you walk. Incorrect gait (movement when walking) can put strain on joints, muscles and even your bones. Orthotics are small ‘insoles’ that slip into your shoes to align your foot and ankle into the correct position, reducing strain, stress and pain. We can supply and fit orthotics custom-molded to your personal foot shape.
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Custom Braces

During your healing process, we may advise the use of custom fitted braces, which help support joints and relieve the stress on damaged or weak muscles. We can supply both ‘off the shelf’ and custom-made braces and supports, fitted by our expert team.
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