Physiotherapy Clinic Consulting

Thinking of setting up your own physiotherapy clinic or practice? Why not learn from someone who has been there, done that grow the businesses!

Active Care Physiotherapy was founded in 2003 by Chris Cole B.P.E.(Co-op), B.Sc.(P.T.), M.C.P.A, when he decided to move from working with outpatient clinics to owning his own practice. Today, Active Care Physiotherapy has two established clinics in London and Ingersoll, and enjoys a reputation for quality, effective, caring treatments.

Chris can help advise you on how to set up your own physiotherapy clinic from scratch, from identifying the best locations to choosing a building, equipping your clinic and recruiting the best staff and therapists. He can also guide you through the licensing and approvals processes required.

Consulting with Chris in advance of setting up your own physiotherapy practice could save you $$$s and save you considerable time and effort. You will be glad that you took advantage of Chris’ insights into building a practice when you’ve opened the doors!

For more information, call us at (519) 485-4444.