How to Find Active Care Physiotherapy

We operate two physiotherapy and massage therapy clinics, both easily accessible from Highways 401 and 402.

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Active Care Physiotherapy London

You’ll find our London Ontario physiotherapy practice at 357 Southdale Road East, London, ON, N6E 1A2. Our clinic in the south part of the city is a short drive along Route 2 (Wharncliffe Rd Sth) from Highway 402, or just a few minutes drive from junction of Highway 401. Look for a big white sign in front of a brick house. We are on the south side of Southdale Road just east of White Oaks Road.


Our London physiotherapy clinic is within easy reach for patients in central and south London, Lambeth, Byron, White Oaks or Westmount.

Active Care Physiotherapy Ingersoll

You’ll find our Ingersoll Ontario physiotherapy practice on the second floor of the Alexandra Hospital, 29 Noxon Street, Ingersoll, ON, N5C 3V6. The Hospital is just a few minutes drive north from the junction of Highway 401 and Route 19 (Harris Street). Visitor parking is located to the southeast, south and southwest of the hospital – we suggest you use the designated patient parking.


Our Ingersoll physiotherapy clinic is within easy reach for patients in Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Embro, Norwich, Thamesford and Beachville.