Whatever job we do, our work has an effect on our bodies, be it sitting at a desk, driving a vehicle, operating machinery, or working outside. Our occupational health specialists can advise on making sure that whatever work you do, your working environment is optimized to avoid strains, stresses and uncomfortable conditions.

At the heart of all occupational health assessment is the correct ‘fit’ between the user, their equipment and their environment. Whilst many are familiar with ergonomic equipment such as chairs and desks, they may not be aware that the same principles can be applied to how you or your employees physically work and interact with tools, machinery, vehicles, workstations, etc.

So we offer a range of occupational health consultancies, including:

  • Ergonometric education
  • Physical Demands Analysis (P.D.A.)
  • Modified work consultation
  • Work conditioning
  • Back to work planning (post injury or surgery)

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What Is An Occupational Health Assessment?

Our occupational health takes into account the individual’s capabilities and limitations and what tasks and functions they are to perform.

The physiotherapist will take a detailed history of the issue including symptoms, functional status and any restrictions the client may have. They will then observe them in their workspace and the activities they would normally perform on a daily basis. Based on these observations the therapist would make recommendations of changes to the current workspace based on ergonomic principles. Once your assessment is complete a full report is completed containing the previous working environment issues and recommended corrections.


Occupational Health For Business And Industry

Whilst health and safety regulations may define relevant safety procedures, they don’t actually help workers understand how best to work within the restrictions or guidelines. As a result, employees and staff may be working in inappropriate ways, resulting in unnecessary injuries or strains that require treatment and time off work.

With an occupation health review by Active Care Physiotherapy, you can improve your employees’ working practices, reducing the instance of work-induced strains including backache, foot and heel pain, repetitive sprain injury and other issues.

Our team will help identify stages in your manufacturing workflow or office procedures where employees may be using inappropriate movements, and suggest better ways of working.

Some of our recent corporate clients include;

  • Ingersoll Machine and Tool (I.M.T.)
  • Sun Media
  • St. Joseph’s Hospital
  • St. Thomas Elgin General Hospital
  • Brose Canada

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