Kirsty Young

February 25, 2020

A pain in the leg: physiotherapy for sciatica

Why sciatica is so painful, and how physiotherapy and massage therapy can help relief pain and pressure on the sciatic nerve. Active Care Physio ON
February 17, 2020

Supporting your recovery: custom braces from ACP

Discover how a custom medical brace can help you play the sports you love in recovery from injury, and keep you active for longer too.
January 28, 2020

What a relief: massage therapy now available at our London clinic

Massage therapy now available at Active Care Physiotherapy at Byron Village London, with our new RMT Jordana Uren.
December 20, 2019

Want to avoid the emergency room this Christmas? Watch your step!

Christmas is a time to enjoy with family, not to sit in line at your local accident and emergency unit! One of the most common causes […]